Lightroom Preset

The Preset-Lightroom are the predefined parameters that can be used by Adobe's Lightroom editing software.

Preset-Lightroom are the presets used for Lightroom, i.e. a predefined setting that applies in image development software Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Lightroom CC and Lightroom for mobile.

You can choose either the preset-lightroom for the mobile version or the preset-lightroom suitable for the computer.

There is also the Free Lightroom Preset, where you can create your own presets, but the effect may not always be as expected.

As soon as you master how to use the preset-lightroom, you can then make your own.

We offer the following presets on our site: Desert, Sea Beach Plage, Fashion Mode, Food Nourriture, Blogger, Wedding Mariage, New Born Naissance, Soft Beige, Portrait.

Why Use Lightroom Presets?

If you are fussy about the way your photos look like, whether you are a professional photographer, a blogger, an influencer or just an instagrammer who wants to have a beautiful feed, Presets Lightroom is for you. Indeed, Presets Lightroom allows to create a harmony in the colors, the contrasts and the style of the photos. As you use the presets, you will come to develop your own style and creativity.

Several Lightroom presets are free, however you have to test them several times and be sure before finding the right ones with the desired result.

If you want to have photos containing more complex or creative settings, then it is advisable to invest in a paid Lightroom Preset offering more subtle settings.