1. Will my photos look same as the photos I bought?

We do our best to display the colors and images of our presets that appear in the PresetLightroom package as correctly as possible. We cannot guarantee that your images and our presets will look exactly the same. Don't worry, with just a few clicks you will be able to add further adjustments and to have the end result to what you are looking for.

Each photographic situation is unique, taken in different places, at different times of the day and under different conditions of light, shade, etc. That is why we also offer different predefined packages. You'll need to adjust things like exposure, contrast, and temperature to get the look you want. That's the beauty of Preset-Lightroom, you can make your own special touch on our presets and get a more personalized look.

If you need help adjusting your photos in Adobe Lightroom, contact us and we'll be happy to adjust them to your desired picture style.


2. Which Lightroom version do I need?

Desktop presets will work with all Lightroom Classic CCs. Mobile presets will work with the free Lightroom CC mobile app which you can find in your Playstore app store or Apple Store. For mobile: don't forget to always update your app to the latest version.


3. Which program do I need to use your presets?

All our pre-settings packages are available in desktop and mobile format, so you can use Adobe Lightroom Classic for desktop (OSX / Windows) or the free Lightroom CC mobile app for mobile.


4. Which app do I need to use your presets?

To use the presets on your phone, you need the free Lightroom Mobile CC smartphone app to use Lightroom presets. You can find the free download here



5. Where can I find my invoice?

Do not hesitate to contact us by email at support@preset-lightroom.com,we will send it back to you if ever you have not received it.


6. Can I use the photo presets on my smartphone?

Our presets can be used for both RAW and JPEG images. If you are using a modern camera, we recommend taking pictures in RAW format as you can adjust colors much better. Some of the newer smartphones also have the ability to shoot in RAW. So check your phone if you have this option.


7. Can I download my unlimited purchase?

Yes, you can download your order as many times as you want during the 30 days where the link will be available. But keep in mind to back up your files to your desktop or mobile immediately after downloading to avoid losing the files.


8. Are your downloads instant? How to receive them?

Yes, all of our downloads are instant. You can find them in the link to download which you will receive by email immediately after payment.


9. How to install Preset Lightroom?

See How to install Preset Lightroom


10. Can I edit my photos using the presets?

Yes, of course you can edit your photos while using one of our presets. You can adjust things like exposure, contrast, and temperature to get the look you want. That's the beauty of Preset-Lightroom, you can make your own special touch on our presets and get a more personalized look.


11. I have a new phone or desktop computer, can I move my presets?

Yes of course, but keep in mind that you can only activate on two devices at the same time

12. Can I use the presets on multiple devices?

You are limited to using the presets on two different devices at the same time. This means that you can use the presets on both desktop computer and mobile device. Please ensure that your license is only active on a maximum number of devices to avoid cancellation of our service.

13. Can I use the presets for my job?

Yes, you can use the presets to edit your photos for your clients. But keep in mind that you cannot transfer the presets to your customers, you can only sell your end products.

14. When I open my download or preset file, I don't see anything. What's wrong?

If you open the files on your desktop or phone without using Lightroom, it's completely normal that you don't see the preset. You can't open the file outside of the Lightroom app. To see the preset, you must open it with the Lightroom or Lightroom CC app on your desktop. Want to know how it works? Please follow the steps in our installation manual.

15. My link is not working - what should I do?

If your link doesn't work on your phone or desktop, try opening the link in a different browser. If it still doesn't work, please email us at support@preset-lightroom.com

16. I clicked the download button on my phone and nothing happened.

You may have a pop-up blocker on your phone, try disabling it, or use a different browser. We suggest you use Google Chrome. If it still doesn't work, please contact us by sending an email to: support@preset-lightroom.com

17. Why use Lightroom presets?

If you care about the mood and look of your photos, whether you are a professional photographer, a blogger, an influencer or just an instagrammer who wants to have a beautiful feed, Presets Lightroom is for you. Indeed, Presets Lightroom allows to create a harmony in the colors, the contrasts and the style of the photos. As you use the presets, you will come to develop your own style and creativity.

Several Lightroom presets are free, however you have to test them and be sure before finding the right ones with the desired result.

If you want to have photos containing more complex or creative settings, then it is advisable to invest in a paid Lightroom Preset offering more subtle settings.

18. Can I be refunded?

The satisfied or refunded offer is valid for one act of purchase per person and per year. This offer is strictly limited to a request by paypal account. Anyone making a refund request will be reimbursed within 8 days. This offer guarantees you our commitment to trust and quality.

Please send your request to support@preset-lightroom.com